Abductee dies after cruel torture in prisons of Houthis

Almasdaronline- An abductee died on Sunday only four days after he was taken to hospital due to severe torture being subjected to for months in prisons of Houthi-Saleh militias, reported a source in Ibb province, central Yemen.

The source, the victim’s uncle, said, “Mohammed Abdul Hakim Sharafuddin was released from a prison located in Dhamar provinc- about 50 miles to the north of Ibb province- after he had went into a coma that required urgent treatment in a hospital.”

“There were obvious signs of torture on his body and he was in absolute coma since his release until his death,” added the source.

The source attributed the abductee’s death to different forms of cruel torture he was exposed to in the militias’ detention centers, noting that this case is the second incident that has happened to a person hailing from the province of Ibb.

Adel Abdul-Malik al-Hassani also was a former detainee in the Houthis’ prison who had died under torture in August last year.

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