Fire set to young psychopath in Yemen’s militia-controlled province of Ibb

Young people from Ibb province’s Assayyani district in Yemen yesterday poured gasoline on a psychopath called Salman Abdu Thabit and set fire to his body, said local sources.

Amid unprecedented chaos and loose security in their province controlled by the militias of Houthis and ousted president Saleh, this heinous crime has been met with widespread condemnation from the district’s residents.

The sources explained that the neighborhood’s residents were, however, able to extinguish the fire before it devoured his body, stressing that the incident occurred after the aggressors had started to banter with the aggressed at the beginning.

Salman has sustained multiple burns on his body, and some have volunteered to transfer him from the scene at the center of district to Jibla Hospital for treatment.

He has suffered first degree burns on some several parts of his body, said medical source in Jiblah Hospital.

Residents accused a group of adults hailing from the same area, including Zakarya Sha’afal Yoisef Ahmed Aqlan and Zakarya Yahya and others, of setting fire to the victim’s body.



Local residents reported that the perpetrators fled their area and haven’t been arrested by security authorities run by Saleh-Houthi militias, which stood by and did not take the necessary measures.


The video showing the moments of setting fire to the victim’s body has been widely shared on social media, and was met with angry reactions and condemnation.

former Minister of Culture, Khalid al-Rowaishan, commented on the incident saying, "Some people have become wild animals, and this is as a result of wars and the rule of gangs and because of the economic and security situation.

Al-Rowaishan also pointed out that the psychological aspect could also account for this due to intensive exposure to scenes of violence, killing, bombing of houses and kidnapping.

He condemned a number of residents as sayyani district this humanitarian crime against the young patient psychological condition through burned that way, which described the barbarism and brutality.

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