Houthi Public Funds Prosecution summons 14 journalists of al-Thawra Foundation in Sana'a

In an attempt to intimidate and silence voices demanding salaries and financial rights, Houthi-controlled Public Funds Prosecution has summoned 14 employees of al-Thawra Foundation for Printing and Publishing for questioning on charges of inciting and rioting within the institution, reports

The foundation leadership appointed by Houthi militia had issued an arrest warrant for 14 journalists and staff of at the media foundation more than three weeks ago against the backdrop of demands related to dues.

A number of al-Thawra’s employees in Sana'a had held a protest to demand their late dues and not to turn the government newspaper into a newspaper affiliated to the Houthi militia by flooding it with its own followers and expelling the institution cadres. They, however, were met with repression and referred to the prosecution on charges of rioting and inciting.

Yemeni journalists are being subjected to harassment and violations they have never experienced in their history. Most recently, Yahya al-Jubeihi, a journalist, has been sentenced to death by the Houthi group, which has also dismissed dozens of employees at official media outlets and blocked more than 100 news websites and dozens of opposition newspapers.

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