Journalist al-Majidi threatened at gunpoint during attempt to loot his car

Unknown gunmen on Sunday held the journalist Abdel Aziz al-Majidi at gunpoint in front of his home in the city of Taiz in a failed attempt to loot his car after they smashed his car window and stole some things inside.

Al-Majidi said he was surprised at 7:30 am on Sunday when armed men arrived in front of his house trying to loot his Hyundai Santa Fe, adding that when he asked them what they wanted they asked him at gunpoint to leave, otherwise they would kill him.

After returning to his house, he adds, two gunmen smashed the driver's car window and looted some of the things inside.

The attackers, however, were not able to drive the car because of its automatic gear shift, forcing them to pull it to the end of the same street.

“After they were unable to drive it, they stayed some time next to it and leaved,” he explained

The attacked journalist asserted that what happened to him is two crimes in one: attempting to loot the car at gunpoint, and intimidating his family members, including children.

Then incident, in his view, has taken place due to the security chaos threatening the lives of citizens and the increasing incidence of armed robbery in the province.

Al-Majidi called on the security authorities and popular resistance to do discharge their duties properly, control deteriorating security situation and prosecute those behind the assault against him.

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