Journalist al-Selwi is free after 10 months of abduction by Houthis

The journalist Mohammed Abdulmalik al-Selwi was freed today after being held captive for 10 months by the Houthi militia and forces loyal to ousted President Ali Saleh.

The release has been confirmed by Tayseer al-Sama'i, a former abductee.

The Houthi militia kidnapped al-Selwi on October 17, 2016 in al-Rahedah district while on his way to Yemen’s interim capital, Aden. Later, before taken to Dhamar province, he was transferred to al-Saleh city, north of Taiz, where he was subjected to torture.

The colleague worked for Al-Masdar newspaper whose publication was stopped after the Houthi militia and Saleh’s forces broke into the newspaper's office on March 26, 2015.

Al-Selwi serves also as a proofreader at the state-run news agency SABA.

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