Condemning his arrest and torture, WJWC calls for immediate release of journalist Ahmed Maher 

The Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) condemns the physical and psychological torture of journalist Ahmed Maher and forcing him by the forces of the southern transitional council (STC) in Aden to confess through torture, and stresses that his videotaped confession is only evidence against his jailers.

The WJWC sees in Ahmed Maher’s abduction, forced disappearance and coerced confessions under torture a full-fledged crime, and a flagrant violation of the Yemeni constitution and all international laws and covenants.

It is the WJWC’s belief that violations against journalists in Aden under the control of the STC militias are not less serious than those committed in the areas controlled by the Houthi militia.

While deploring and denouncing these brutal acts against journalist Ahmed Maher, the WJWC calls for his immediate and unconditional release, and holds the STC accountable for any harm to his life.

As an expression of its full and absolute solidarity with journalist Maher, it also calls on all civil rights organizations and defenders for freedom of opinion and expression to stand in solidarity with journalist Ahmed Maher, condemn serious abuses against him and put pressure on the STC militias in Aden to release him and refrain from targeting journalists.


 Issued by WJWC

September 04, 2022


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