Women Journalists without chainsmonitors 135 infringement cases for press freedom for 2013

Women Journalists without chains observed 135 infringement cases for press freedom in 2013 clarifying that the security services that practice the infringements in the previous period are the one whom still practicing the same infringements through the current year.

WJWC clarified in its annual report about the press freedom in Yemen in 2013 that establish today that infringements distributed between murder, arrest, threatening, confiscate of journalists stuff and attempts for assassination.

The report included 8 sections focused on the rights to live, freedom rights, opinion freedom rights, peaceful gathering rights, in addition to women and child rights and their role in succeeding the peaceful youth revolutionary. In addition, ISIS, assassination to both military and security officers committed through motor bicycles or murdering citizens by American planes without pilot that considered murdering outside of law and a crime against humanity and infringement of national supremacy.

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