WJWC, Canadian Program train women leaders in Lahj, al-Dhala'a

Secretary-General of the local council in Lahj governorate Ali Haidrah Mater has stressed the importance of paying attention to women and enable them to positively participate in their communities. He highly appreciated roles played by WJWC to train and qualify women.

This came during the launch of the first training course held by WJWC in collaboration with the Canadian Program.
The course targeted 25 trainees from different political parties in the governorates of Lahj and al-Dhala'a. The course was held during the period from 25 to 28 February. The trainer Nashwan al-Sumairi and chief of WJWC Tawkol Karman trained at the course.
The participants were trained in media and its role in supporting women issues. The concepts of rallying, advocacy and awareness campaigns were also raised during the course.
The political activist, Thuraia Mujamel said that women should escalate their demands because rights are not given and they are only taken away.
" Yemeni women suffer and their rights are lost" she added, pointing out that southern women used to access their rights in the former part of Yemen, the South.
She said that there is only one woman who is a member of Parliament, indicating that this an example of problems and difficulties Yemeni women face.
The activist Afra Hariri stressed that women must lead the struggle for their demands, referring that the leadership does not mean the authoritarianism or dictatorship and that it means the embodiment of role models.
Hariri said that there are no leadership without role models.

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