Saleh-Houthi militias transfer abductees in Hodeidah to targeted locations

The Houthi militia and forces loyal to Ali Saleh have recently transferred detainees from their detention centers in Hodeidah, including those being held captive in the political security service and the historical castle known as Corniche’s Castle, and have taken them to unknown places.

Informed sources have expressed fears that the Houthis may be planning to use them as human shields in some military sites and weapons stores attacked by Saudi-led Arab coalition.

"As troops of the pro-government national army backed by the Arab coalition are approaching the coastal city of Hodeidah through the coastline and the western coast of Yemen, the putschists have expected that they are about to lose control over Hodeidah, they decided to transfer the captives held in private prisons to unknown places,” added the sources.

Based on the same sources, a number of detainees’ relatives, who were being allowed to visit their family members in the political security prison, has been informed at the recent visit that they were taken to other places, while refusing to disclose their whereabouts.

The families of abductees in Hodeidah fear that Saleh-Houthi militias may use their kidnapped sons and fathers as human shields against airstrikes of the military coalitions, especially after rumors that militias have transferred to farms used for military purposes.

The families have said the militias are fully responsible for the lives of their members, urging local and international human rights organizations to act quickly to reveal the fate of their children.

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