Three journalists killed and two others injured in Taiz

Three journalists were killed and two others were injured this morning after being targeted by a mortar shell fired by the Houthi militia and forces loyal to ousted President Ali Saleh while covering the battles near Tashrifat camp to the east of the city of Taiz.

Local sources in Taiz said that a mortar shell landed on a group of reporters, killing two photojournalists, namely Wael al-Absi and Taki al-Din al-Huthaifi, and media activist Sa’ad al-Nadari, and injuring Walid al-Qadasi and Salah al-Din al-Wahbani; all of them were working for local media.

According to medical sources, a leg of Walid al-Qadsi was amputated in the deadly attack, while Salah al-Wahbani was injured in his right hand.

Al Jazeera correspondent in Taiz reported that a mortar shell hit the journalists while they were still outside the area of clashes.

Incidents of targeting journalists by firing shells or sniping in Taiz have repeatedly occurred, causing many causalities especially among those covering the clashes between pro-government military units and the Houthi militia supported by ousted president on the outskirts of the city.

Government forces have made significant progress over the past few days on the eastern front of the city and have taken control of a number of sites where the militias were entrenched.

In the same context, the putschists intensified rocket and artillery shelling on neighborhoods and residential communities of the city, resulting in dozens of causalities, including children and women.

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