WJWC holds symposium on " Towards active political participation for women" in Taiz

The participants on the symposiums of "Towards an active political participation of women" demanded to enact laws obligating to political parties and give women a fair proportion of their candidates in every election.

They said that the solution does not lie in a code of honor which is not obligating from the legal aspect and signed by political parties. They expressed their amazing as the ruling party does not make legislations for the sake of women.
WJWC chief Tawkol Karman said " We are as a civil society organization in general and in the alliance of women leaders in particular bet on the ruling party as it own the overwhelming majority and the only party which can make constitutional amendments. We urges it to do this legal legislation which will be a historical accomplishment for the party.
Karman said that the limitation of women participation in the political and public life is not religious. Why women participate as voters and be absent as candidates. Why does this problem include all parties.
" I don't think that we are trying to blame parties, but were looking for finding solutions. What is the solution and what are they ways to enhance women participation as candidates?"
" There are reasons which negatively prevented women from participation as men" Karma added.
For his part, the governor of Taiz praised the initiative, saying that we reached an advanced step to involve women in building the country. Their participation will be active because it has a women initiative and not …..
He demanded to not engage in argument, affirming that women are more efficient than men and that men spend most of their time in chewing Qat ad solving crosswords.
He suggested that political party adopt and sign a document in which a woman is elected a governor for Taiz. He expressed his readiness to sign this document.
Meanwhile, chief of the education sector of the Islah party said that our community will not fly with one wing, affirming that women participation will achieve success in different fields. He said that men can't defend women's rights as much as women.
The Head of the General People's Congress's branch in Taiz governorate Jaber Abdullah Ghalib emphasized that people do not think whether the candidate male or female and that they elect who will bring them services.
Meanwhile, the head of the executive committee of the Jointing Meeting Parties in Taiz Dr. Abdul Rahman al-Azraq criticized the dealing of political parties with women cases, pointing out that they exploit women cases for having foreign donors and for political recruitment.
The head of the Islah party's branch in Taiz Abdul-Hafez al-Faqeeh said that the big problem we face is the guardianship, referring that some people made themselves guardians of Islam and others guardians of nationalism and some people claim that they are guardians of women.
Meanwhile, chairman of al-Jomhoriah Institution for Press, Prints and Publication Sameer al-Yusfi has said that there is no a real political participation of men, affirming that the title of the symposium jumped on the reality.
He also said that the Islah party developed his discourse towards women, saying that there are two discourses; the first sees that women have the right to be governorates and the other sees that women should stay at homes.
It is worth reclaiming that the alliance of women leaders was declared with the aim of reaching equal citizenship and the increase of women participation in political, cultural, social and economic issues. It also aimed to empower women and help them participate as candidates in the local councils, the parliament and the Shoura Council. This alliance contained of women who represents public, party organizations and other civil society organizations.

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