WJWC strongly condemns death sentence against Journalist, al-Jubaihi

Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) expresses its strong condemnation of today’s death sentence against the journalist, Yahya Abdel Raqib al-Jubaihi.

Al-Jubaihi has served as the head of the media department of the Prime Minister's Office, and as a professor at Media College of University of Sana'a.

The death sentence against the journalist, issued on Wednesday by a court controlled by the militias of Houthis and ousted president Saleh on trumped-up and falsified charges, comes in the context of hostile practices and a systematically barbaric policy adopted by the putschists against journalists and media workers since they took over the legitimate authority, confirms WJWC.

WJWC, while condemning all sentences the militias issue against journalists, human rights activists and politicians in a flagrant violation of justice’s spirit and international laws, conventions and charters, shows its unequivocal solidarity with the journalist al-Jubaihi as well as with all journalists and media professionals who have been subjected to torture in militia prisons for more than two years.

Women Journalists Without Chains calls upon all human rights and civil organizations to stand up for journalists and media workers and to protect them from grave violations they are constantly subjected to.

Issued by:

Women Journalists Without Chains 

April 12, 2017


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