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2010 Press Freedom Report in Yemen

Women Journalists without chains announced that it observed 209 infringement cases against journalists in Yemen through 2010 pointing that security and military systems involved in these infringements.

WJWC explained in its annual report about the press freedom in Yemen at 2010 that infringements varied in its forms which dividend to (19 infringements incidents).These infringements varied between hits, profanity words, damaging and confiscation of pressstuff 37 cases, arresting 18 cases, forbid journalists from doing their works 18 cases, call up, investigation, and forced catch are 15 cases. In addition, blocking and hacking 14 cases, sentences 13 cases, arresting journalists 11 cases, threatening to be hit and profanity words 10 cases, murder and attempts to murder 10 cases, threatening of murder 10 cases. Attacks on journalists houses and property 9 cases, confiscation – pull- detention newspapers and storming 7 cases, taking press stuff 7 cases, trial against journalists and newspaper and forbid printing 5 cases, kidnapping attempts 3 cases and exceptional investigation request 2 cases.

WJWC mentioned that infringements contravene and violated especially journalists’ rights and human rights in general. They contravene the constitution and laws on Republic of Yemen, agreements, and international announcements that signed by Yemen and committed in front of international society.

WJWC pointed that security and military systems had the upper hand and the lion portion in the report that emphasized that security systems that received daily incitement against journalist and newspapers considered them as their enemies, which are not. This wrong fill in affected negatively with security systems deals with journalists and newspapers.

WJWC emphasized that journalists are not enemy either for anybody nor others but they are enemy for infringement their and others rights as it is the transfer machine for citizens suffering and infringements not in Yemen but in the entire world. They buy their soul to convey the reality to formal sides to give rights to tyrannized people and convey their suffering in all places functionally without prejudice for any side but for total prejudice for truth and only truth.

WJWC explained that the followers for press issues in Yemen noticed that parties and private newspapers in addition to its journalists are the one who had the biggest portion from infringements from security systems.


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