WJWC, Aljazeera organizes "Aljazeera Ambassadors" training program

WJWC, Aljazeera organizes "Aljazeera Ambassadors" training program

Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) in collaboration with Aljazeera Center for Media Training launched on Sunday a training program entitled " Aljazeera Ambassadors".

The program was launched with the attendance of Information Minister Nasar Taha Mustafa, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakkol Karman and, the writer Abdul-Bari Tahir and a host of journalists and media professionals.

Taha urged the journalists and media professionals to commit to professionalism and objectivity and non-alignment to any party.

He stressed the importance of constant training and qualification to develop the abilities of journalists in different of press and TV types and improve their abilities.

" We had great hopes to achieve a lot of law drafts regarding the Yemeni media, particularly the law draft of the visual and audio media outlets, the law of prints and the media code of honor, but the latest development obstructed us from achieving these important projects.

Taha praised WJWC and Aljazeera Media Network for sponsoring this program and devoting attention to develop abilities and skills of journalists and media practitioners.

Chairwoman of WJWC Tawkol Karman said that she believes that Yemen's youth are the most important resource of Yemen , pointing out that they have aspirations to reach great heights and seek grand objectives.

"The greatest thing we may provide to activists and youth is to train them on the skills of communication in order to be able to bring their voices to media outlets" she added.

She also said that the annual program of WJWC which was launched this year in collaboration with AlJazeera Media Network aims to train 700 youth, indicating that they are granted accredited certificates from Aljazeera Center for Training and Qualification.

"I am proud of you. As usual, you always look forward, with sprits full of hopes, to a prosperous future. Here you are affirming that you are paying attention to peace and knowledge, not to bullets and gunpowder of wars" she added.

"You are launching this civil training program while Houthi militias are barely a stone's throw away from your capital, Sana'a. They are threatening you with annoying options. However, you want your country to be a nation of love and peace" she added.

" Actually, I believe that you are the most important resource of Yemen. I believe that your dreams and your unbreakable aspirations will never die" she continued.

The former chairman of the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate Abdul-Bari Tahir and the international expert of media and journalism at Aljazeera Center for Training and Development Sameer Hassan said that constant training and qualification, and providing a secure environment are the basics of journalism work.

It is set that this annual program will include training courses on TV correspondent, producing documentary films, skills of dealing with media outlets as well as the preparation of TV reports.

The program of Aljazeera ambassadors aims to enhance the skills of journalists, qualify them and develop their skills. The first course is entitled "the TV correspondent".

A host of media practitioners, journalists and local and international media outlets correspondents attended the inauguration.

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