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2008 Press Freedom Report in Yemen

Women Journalists without chains revealed that the infringements that affected press in 2008 raised to 248 infringement cases.

That averaged five infringements in a week varied between hit, kidnaping, arresting, prosecuting, threatening and forbidding from press coverages and from getting information to forbidding from giving registration permission and blocking websites and take the registration perdition back for newspapers with administrative decision.

WJWC mentioned in its fourth annual report about press freedom in Yemen in 2008 that infringements affected press freedom this year reached horrible limit qualitatively and quantitatively comparably with last year.

WJWC explained that security systems with request from ministry of media closed 21 private media broadcast in Hadramout governorate for it is not registered.

WJWC pointed that tens of independent and opposite websites were totally blocked by ministry of communication with direction from Ministry of media considering this process come in “formal policy to limit spreading of information through blocking owning information”.

WJWC noticed that blocking websites facilitate the monopolism of internet services provider Yemen Net as a governmental company which most of international and famous websites still blocked inside Yemen. WJWC clarifying that the first Yemen search engine “Yemen Bortal” still blocked in addition to not less than 20 independent websites post a topics criticize government and uncover all financial and administrational corruption cases.
WJWC cleared that the infringements for press freedom this year jointed with direct relationship with peaceful protest activities for citizens. It expressed that press reporters and TV channels found themselves participating administration of that activities from which they gained from that infringements and faced like them to depression while covering the protests and strikes. They faced hit and forbid from press covering and taking their recording and documentation tools.

WJWC emphasized that press freedom in Yemen will still infringed, limited impacts and poor effectiveness and social participation in active participation in political and social development will still absent until new procedures and laws published. This law will guarantee the rights to gain information and available its circulation through freeing accessing to files and special documents of general institutions and through publish new law for press let owning listen and read media for all NGOs, persons and parties. System must stop monopolize owning media and specialized general media that let private press rise naturally.


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