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Women Journalists without chains monitors140 infringement cases for journalists through the first half of 2016

Women Journalists without chains observe 140 infringement cases faced by journalists through the first half of the year 2016 six of them murder case.

WJWC said that the press environment became unsecure more than any time before as the threat sectors for workers in the press field is continuous. This continuity of threats cause murder, injure and arrest for hundreds of journalists. WJWC described what happened to journalists in the past six months is a crime with no status of limitation.

These infringements are varied between murder, kidnap, assaults and injure. The threats for quitting from general Employement raise to 38 cases and 10 kidnapping cases in which15 injure cases, 6 murder cases, 7 murder threat cases happened.In addition, 10 website block cases, 2 assassination attempts, 20 assault cases, 20 arrest cases, 8 cases forbid from printing and distribution, 1 storming case, 1 separation of arbitrary case and 1 close up case happened.

According to the report, Huthies and Saleh Militias are from top of the infringers’ lists in addition to Arabic coalition forces, ISIS and anonymous armed men.

Ten journalists are still arrested in Huthies militias’ dentations center, they faced body tortures and their health decadent and get worse day by day according to their families.

On 9th of May 2016, the tenth arrested journalists, which arrested one year ago, started food strike until they released.

WJWC, observing anxiously what arrested journalists face from torture and forbidding visits from them, asking rapidly for releasing the journalists andassume Huthies Militias the full responsibility for their life safety.

WJWC express itsconcern to the rise of risk that threaten the life of journalists that lead to loosing many to their lives while doing their duty to convey the truth.

WJWC considered what journalists subjected from murdering and violation crimes come in the framework of series of systematic and continuous infringements committed by Huthies and Saleh militias since their cope over authority last year.

WJWC repeats its warning to conflicted forces from their continuity of inserting journalists in their conflicts and targeting them directly in order to shut them and prevent them covering the monstrous events on citizen committed by sides frommurder, displace and attack.

WJWC assumes Huthies and Saleh Militias, Arabic coalition forces and all sides that committed infringement to journalists the full responsibility.

WJWC repeat its claim to form investigation committee in all infringements happened to journalist and emphasis on the necessary of prosecute the committer of infringements and bring perpetrators to justice to deserve their justice punishment. These infringements has no status to limitation.

WJWC callslocal and international NGOs on its top UN to condemn these criminal deeds committed on journalists.

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