WJWC concludes media course for CSOs in Aden

WJWC concludes media course for CSOs in Aden

Women Journalists Without Chains (WJWC) has concluded a training course on developing media discourse of civil society organizations in the framework of the annual second programof youth leaders.

The participants of the course, 30 youth, received, during five days, basic concepts of advocacy and mobilization, analyzing success elements of advocacy, gathering information, making field investigations, interviews and press remarks, organizing symposiums, press conferences and skills of contacting media outlets.

The participants also visited Aden Radio, and newspapers of Al-Ayam and 14 October.

The trainers Nashwan al-Sumairi, Abdul-Hakeem Hilal and Nabeel al-Osaidi took part in the training.

It is worth mentioning that WJWC had launched a training course on media for organizations and party in Aden in collaboration with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation.


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